Commercial Recycling

Business and Institutions

Recycling is mandatory for commercial and institutional establishments in the City of Pittsburgh per City Code §619.05(c) and the Environmental Services Waste Regulations.

The operator of every business establishment located within the City of Pittsburgh must establish a program to recycle the following items:

  • High grade office paper
  • Mixed paper
  • Plastic bottles & jugs
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Aluminum cans
  • Leaf waste

Establishments are also highly encouraged to recycle all colored glass bottles & jars by using one of our drop-off centers. By contacting specific haulers on our list, some can assist with proper diversion techniques and solutions to higher and best use of certain material types. 

Establishments should contract a private hauler to collect and deliver the recyclables directly to a processor.

Reporting Guidelines

Under PA State Act 101 and §619.06(b), all recycling tonnage must be reported to the City’s Recycling Division on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Your recycling not only helps to recover valuable resources and save energy, but the tonnage reported by private haulers, businesses and institutions also enable the city to attract more funding from the State.

If a private hauler is used, then the hauler can provide the tonnage report to the City on behalf of his clients.

Tonnage Forms