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Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Litter...Just CAN it!" project.


Check out the awesome Photos and the Artists who created these "trashy" masterpieces!!!!

As a pilot program, a selected group of Pittsburgh Public School students were invited & encouraged to help in the fight against litter with the City of Pittsburgh, and to have creative and educational fun -- by participating in a pilot awareness campaign, “Litter…Just CAN It!” trash can decorating initiative.

This contest is an effort to address the pervasive and persistent problem with ongoing litter in the City of Pittsburgh. This program provides an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic ability while promoting an anti-litter message and raise awareness of the negative effects of litter. It also will encourage the students not to litter, and instill the importance of recycling.

The pilot program will include (5) South Pittsburgh Public schools:

Pittsburgh Concord K-5, Pittsburgh Phillips K-5, Pittsburgh Arlington School, Pittsburgh South Brook Middle School & Pittsburgh Roosevelt K-5



  • Decorate an on-site 30 gallon or larger trash can or recycle can  
  • Display in the cafeteria to  encourage students to properly dispose of their garbage , recycle on a daily basis, and to continue to reiterate the anti-litter message
  • The can must display an anti-litter message or slogan
  • Materials may include, but not limited to, the following: construction paper, fabric, paint, cardboard, tissue paper, glitter, and/or photos
Use of recycled material is strongly encouraged
  • Launch date: March 3, 2014- April 7, 2014
  • All cans must be completed by April 7, 2014
APRIL 22, 2014- EARTH DAY!



  • Certificate of participation from the City of Pittsburgh
  • Photos of decorated trash cans will be posted on the City of Pittsburgh website



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