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Public Works, located at 611 Second Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh, provides permits for sidewalk repair, street openings, machinery in the right of way, dumpsters, banners and many other public works related permits.

§ 416.02 - Permit Fee for Minor Street Obstructions

Prior to the issuance of any permit for minor street obstruction, the following fees shall be paid:


Type of Minor Street Obstruction



Temporary barricade, each 15-day period:

$6.00 per 200 square foot of space per day with a minimum fee of $90.00 up to a maximum fee of $1,800.00/per month.


Walkway, each 15-day period (uncovered)

$1.00 per lineal foot.
$30.00 minimum fee.


Cutting curb (no permit shall be issued for curb cut in excess of 36 feet







$15.00 per lineal foot with a minimum fee of $75.00.


Erecting, replacing and/or relocating utility pole and/or anchors:

$50.00 plus an additional $100.00 per pole or anchor if old pole is not removed within 60 days.


Erection of scaffold over roadways and sidewalks, each 30-day period:







$0.50 per linear foot times the number of stories with a minimum fee of $100.00.


Repairing or reconstruction of sidewalk:




$30.00 flat fee.



$1.00 per linear foot with a $30.00 minimum fee.


Temporary bridge, 15 days:



Temporary placement of machinery or equipment in roadway, each 15-day period:

$5.00 per day, per piece of machinery or equipment, minimum fee of $75.00.


Staging area:

$5.00 per 200 square foot area of street space per day.





Temporary: Commercial

$100.00 per month (no weekly rate).



$25.00 per week.



$375.00 per year.


Pole banners:



1—5 banners:



6—10 banners:



11—20 banners:



21—30 banners:



31—40 banners:



6 months to 1 year:



Banner across street:



1—5 banners:



6—10 banners:



11—20 banners:



21—30 banners:



31—40 banners:



6 months to 1 year:

$150.00 per month.



$100.00 fee for for-profit organization.


Canopies, or projected signs, awnings, according to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and an initial permit fee:



Block party obstruction permit:



Extension of premises:

$25.00 per year.





The fee charged to neighborhood organizations for self-installed banners shall be $10.00. The Department of Public Works shall waive the banner fee for any U.S. or official government flag placed in the public right-of-way.

Fees shall be reviewed annually by the Director and adjusted as necessary to reflect actual costs to the City. Notice of such adjustments shall be provided to City Council.

Street Obstruction Fees

The Public Works Permit Office is open from 7:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. The only acceptable forms of payment are checks and money orders.

No Cash will be Accepted

For further information, contact the Public Works Permit Office by phone at 255-2737.

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