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The 2017 Annual Refuse and Recycling Newsletter is now available!

Stay up to date with program guidelines, reminders and other updates. 

"When Is My Collection Day?"

Visit the PGH.ST web app to look up your collection day and/or to schedule email or text reminders, including upcoming holiday delays.

"Where Can I Take This?"

Recycling does not stop at the curb!

Visit our Materials Recovery Map to find out about local options for the re-use, recycling or responsible disposal of selected materials in and around Pittsburgh. 

Missed Pick-Up?

Sorry we missed you! Please report missed pick-ups to us as soon as they happen.

Also, be sure to follow proper set-out guidelines to prevent service interruptions. 

Refuse and Recycling at a Glance

Follow the link below for a quick summary of refuse and recycling procedures.

Managing Your Waste

The City’s Bureau of Environmental Services provides curbside recycling collection for single-family residences, small multi-family units and non-profit organizations with previously-held service agreements. 

The City also provides recycling drop-off services for residences and small businesses.

Why it's Important

Your recycling not only helps the City to recover valuable resources and save energy, but it also generates revenue and saves on landfill costs. Recycling is mandatory for every resident, business, office and institution in the City of Pittsburgh (City Code §619.05)

Tonnages reported by private haulers, businesses and institutions also enable the City to attract more funding from the State. 


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