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Managing Your Waste

All residents of the City of Pittsburgh must separate recyclable items from household trash and package them for bi-weekly recycling curbside collection, per City Code §619.05(a).

What is Accepted?

  • Office Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Hardcover / Softcover Books
  • Catalogs
  • Junk Mail / Phone Books
  • Paperboard
  • Beverage Bottles
  • Gallon Jugs
  • Food Bottles, Tubs and Jars (3 gallons or less)
  • No Styrofoam or #6 Plastics
  • Must be clean and dry. Discard all lids and caps.
  • No extra plastic bags or films.
  • Beer / Juice / Soda Cans
  • Food Cans
  • Aerosol Cans (Must be completely empty)
  • Must be clean and dry.
  • Food Jars
  • Beer / Juice / Soda Bottles
  • Wine / Spirit Bottles
  • Growlers
  • No plate glass (windows) or dinnerware (Pyrex, etc.)
  • Must be clean and dry.
  • Must be flattened and either bundled or placed inside of another cardboard box for set out
  • Do not include any heavily-soiled/food waste cardboard (from pizza boxes, etc.)

Be sure to visit our Materials Recovery Map to explore additional options for re-use, recycling or responsible disposal of materials not listed here. 

Not sure about something? When in doubt, find out!


Curbside pick-up for recycling takes place every other week.

  • Recyclable materials should be placed in either a blue bag or blue bin no bigger than 35 gallons and set out away from your refuse
  • All corrugated cardboard must be separately flattened in lengths & widths not exceeding five (5) feet and either tied with string/twine or bundled into another cardboard box.
  • Pizza boxes must also be flattened and be free of food and wax paper
  • Place recyclables at curb no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the night before collection and no later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection
Outdoor Storage
  • Recyclables shall be stored until collection in durable, water-tight containers having a close, fitting lid
  • Owner/landlord should have a sufficient number/capacity of containers on the premises to prevent overflow of materials
  • Materials shall not be accumulated on any abutting sidewalk, street or vacant ground

City residents may also choose to separate and bring their recyclables to the nearest recycling drop-off center.



If you're still not sure about something, please contact the recycling office at or call us 412-255-2631. 



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