Street Paving

Development of the Annual Paving Program

Every year, the Department of Public Works develops a paving program. This is based on:

  • Data from the City’s Pavement Management System
  • Citizen requests through 311
  • Condition reports from Public Works Street Maintenance Division staff

Preliminary paving projects are shared with local utility companies to avoid conflicts and ensure cooperation.

Annual Paving Program

The Department of Public Works is pleased to share our planned paving projects in an easy-to-navigate Paving Project Viewer. Please note that our paving program may be adjusted as needed throughout the coming season for a number of reasons, including:

  • Unforeseen emergency work that requires us to reallocate resources to a new project
  • Changes to utility company projects that may require us to reschedule a planned project for next season
  • Higher than expected costs for restoration on certain projects may require rescheduling of other planned projects for a future construction season

Click here to view currently planned projects: City of Pittsburgh Paving Projects

For a quick overview of the Paving Project Viewer, please refer to the following Quick Reference Guide: Paving Project Viewer - Quick Reference Guide.