Traffic Operations

DPW Traffic Operations Graphic

The role of Operations is to provide for the safe, efficient, and contextually sensitive movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles along the City’s streets. Its functions and duties include:

  • Traffic Studies including stop sign and signal warrants.
  • Respond to Mayor’s 311 requests.
  • Overseeing Permits including traffic management for construction and special events, road closures, and land obstructions.
  • Traffic Control responsibilities:
    • Intersection investigations
    • Signal design and maintenance.
    • Intelligent transportation systems.
  • Street Management including:
    • Parking investigations and designs
    • Signs and pavement marking work orders
  • Multimodal Systems Investigations and Designs including:
    • Pedestrian/ADA requirements
    • Bicycle accommodations
    • Transit facilities
    • Traffic calming
  • Development Reviews of traffic impacts and mitigation recommendations.