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The Pittsburgh Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security offers a variety of opportunities for current and recent college graduates to gain real world experience through our Internship Program.

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Homeland Security, is Hometown Security

The task of assuring the security of our homeland involves protecting the citizens of the United States, and the nation's critical infrastructure and key assets, and must originate at the community level. It requires discovering, developing and deploying projects with a broad focus that will support local communities.

See the local security initiatives we have going on here in Pittsburgh, to include our Suspicious Activity Reporting page.

Active Shooter Information

Pittsburgh EMA has an archive of Active Shooter specific information available to the community.

Create A Supply Kit

Don’t be like this family in the video. Charge your batteries and make a supply kit readily accessible. Our Facebook page has many tips for getting prepared for an emergency. Also check out the website for a list of items to have in your supply kit.


posted 5/07/15 @ 2:00 pm
Don't Forget Your Preparedness on Vacation

Summer is approaching and people all-over are preparing to take a getaway. Maybe it will be to the beach or to the lake. Wherever you’re going, make sure that you have researched the area in case you need to evacuate. Disasters don’t take vacations so make sure you check out our Facebook page to see some different ways to make sure that you are prepared. 

posted 5/07/15 @ 1:58 pm
It Only Takes One. Be Prepared.

Last year there were an incredibly low number of federally declared disasters in the United States.  But just because there was a decline in disasters for last year, does not mean that there will be for this year! It is important to make disaster preparedness a part of your routine because it only takes one disaster to make 2015 a memorable year! Visit our Facebook page for tips on how to stay prepared.

posted 5/07/15 @ 1:57 pm
Spring Forward with Safety

Spring can be a time to celebrate warmer temperatures and sunshine; however, it's important to be aware of hazards related to spring such as flooding, dangerous driving conditions, pedestrians, working outdoors, and storm related weather. Discussing safety related topics about spring hazards is a great way to help everyone stay safe and working.


Spring driving and pedestrian safety

Spring driving can be hazardous due to weather and pedestrians. Here is some key information to help workers stay focused and prepared for the unexpected.


Working outdoors

Agriculture, tree trimming, construction, and other outdoor activities can create hazards for workers. Find information to help protect your workers from outdoor hazards.


Storms and flooding

Storms can cause flooding and other weather related issues. Learn how to prepare for these types of situations, and stay safe.


Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring is a perfect time to clean out your home. Follow these steps to keep you and your family safe when cleaning this season, including tips like:

-If you are moving furniture, keep your back straight and lift with your legs

-Follow cleaning product safety instructions and labels

-Use caution while walking on wet surfaces and clean up spills

-Be sure to wear a mask while cleaning dusty areas of your home


Window Safety

With warmer temperatures arriving, it's important to practice window safety - especially in homes with young children. Participate in Window Safety Week, which is the second full week in April.

posted 3/13/15 @ 9:36 am

Every state in the U.S. has experienced tornadoes and severe weather, and although some more than others, everyone is at risk. You can take steps to prepare for when severe weather strikes in your area. Knowing the most common weather hazards in your area, your vulnerability, and what actions you should take can save your life and others. 

Severe Weather is ever present during Pittsburgh's change of seasons. Review the "Emergency Resources" tab we have at right, to see our Summer preparedness info. Watch the Community Weather Alert video below, and sign up for the City of Pittsburgh's Emergency Alerts!



posted 5/21/13 @ 10:08 am

Reflecting upon the tragic events in Connecticut, and other like events within recent years, Pittsburgh EMA has an archive of Active Shooter specific information available to the community. Some of this information can be found on our Facebook page, and we encourage you to see our most recent posts.


posted 12/17/12 @ 12:00 pm
Suspicious Activity Reporting

Remember – if you see something that is actively occurring or may pose an immediate threat, call 9-1-1 immediately! However, if nobody is in danger yet you feel that government and law enforcement entities should be made aware of suspicious activity, please feel free to fill out an online Suspicious Activity Report.

posted 9/09/11 @ 9:00 am
See Something, Say Something

If you see something, say something! Follow this link to learn more about the campaign on improving the process of alerting government and law enforcement to information that could play a crucial role in keeping Pittsburgh secure:

posted 9/09/11 @ 9:00 am
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