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Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

CERT is a training program that allows civilians and government employees to take the necessary steps in an emergency to save lives. During emergencies citizens can manage utilities and put out small fires; treat the medical emergencies by opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock; provide basic medical aid; search for and rescue victims safely; and organize themselves and spontaneous volunteers to be effective. CERTs are not intended to replace a community's response capability, but rather, to serve as an important supplement to it during emergencies when government response capabilities are spread thin.

Other Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to do more to help out in an emergency?  Consider volunteering in the Citizen’s Corp.  The Citizen’s Corp is comprised of four programs.  Decide program which is best for you.

1. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CERT is a training program that prepares people to help themselves, their families and their neighbors in the event of a disaster in their community.

2. Fire Corps

Fire Corps promotes the use of citizen advocates (volunteers) to support and augment the capacity of resource-constrained fire and emergency service departments at all levels: volunteer, combination, and career.

3. Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

The VIPS Program serves as a gateway to information for law enforcement agencies and citizens interested in law enforcement volunteer programs.

4. Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The MRC program strives to improve the health and safety of communities across the state by organizing and utilizing public health, medical and other volunteers who want to donate their time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

If you would consider volunteering for emergency disaster response efforts in the case of a  register through SERVEPA, Pennsylvania's online registry for medical and non-medical volunteers.

Contact the Pittsburgh Emergency Management Agency for more information regarding volunteer opportunities.

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