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Credit Card-  2.35% of the total amount charged

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Revised versions for the Request to Purchase forms have been posted along with a Request to Purchase Business Entity.

NOTE: Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing.

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You can pay your City, School District of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Real Estate Taxes online by electronic check.  There is a flat $1.25 convenience fee for this service.

IF YOU PAY BY CREDIT CARD, IT MAY COST MORE: You can also pay by credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.)  However, there is an additional fee of 2.35% of the total amount charged.  This fee is paid to the processor and no part of the fee goes to the City.  

CLICK HERE to pay online for both credit cards and electronic check.

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This Property Tax Worksheet is designed to provide you with an estimate of your 2015 property tax bill.

The Allegheny County property assessment will determine the values that will be used to calculate your tax bill. In 2015 new tax millage rates of 8.06  had been set for the City, County and School District. Your 2016 millage rate remains at 8.06 and tax bills will be mailed to you shortly.


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The City is Selling Property!

Please note that just because a property is listed does not mean that the City is obligated to sell or take action on it.

Tax Delinquent Properties Available for Treasurer's Sale City-Owned Vacant Buildings for Sale City-Owned Vacant Lots for Sale


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City of Pittsburgh Real Estate Tax 2016: Determining Taxable Value & Millage

View the presentation on Determining Taxable Value & Millage here

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City of Pittsburgh Request for Information (RFI)

Information for the Installation, Maintenance, and Operation of Commercial Advertising on certain designated City Assets

The City of Pittsburgh (“City”) acting through the Finance Department is seeking information from professional service providers who are experienced in internal and external Media Services, marketing, partnerships and sponsorships. The City seeks information to manage/operate new and existing Media assets that are clean, safe and attractive, in convenient locations to serve the needs of both residents and visitors. The City would require the respondents to solicit partnerships and sponsorships for City wide assets, events and initiatives with the objective of improving the quality of life and image of the local communities. The respondents would also be given the opportunity to provide all of the City’s Media Services on an exclusive basis.

Below you will find links to the Request For Information and Appendix F: (MBRO) Design Criteria and Standards.

Request For Information
Appendix F

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Provisional Quarter

Use This Form To Report The Payroll Expense Tax Based On The Months Of OCTOBER, NOVEMBER And DECEMBER Of 2015.

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