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About Real Estate

The Real Estate Division of the Department of Finance accepts inquiries from the general public for purchase of properties. The City makes certain that the requested property is not needed for public improvement. The prospective purchaser completes a Request to Purchase Form  to become a qualified buyer. A qualified buyer is one who has paid taxes, water, sewage, etc. and is in compliance with City codes and policies. The approved prospective purchaser is notified of the price in the response letter to the Request to Purchase form.

Properties for Sale

Vacant Lots for Sale

The City of Pittsburgh has a number of vacant lots available for sale. You may download a list of these lots in PDF format. Before proceeding, please review the Purchasing Procedures for Court Auction Sales and the disclaimer information below.

Updated November 10, 2011

For additional information about the vacant lots, call the Real Estate Division at: 412-255-2300.


Featured Buildable Lots - Suitable for Residential Construction

The City of Pittsburgh has a number of available vacant lots suitable for residential construction. You may download a partial list (in pdf format) of the lots that are currently available:

Updated November 20, 2013


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