Department of Finance

The Department of Finance has several divisions that serve the City of Pittsburgh and its citizens:

  • Administrative Division: 412-255-2582
    • Includes the General Office Staff which supports the overall operation of the department, as well as other City government functions.
  • Collections & Compliance: 412-255-2582
    • Responsible for all self-assessed taxes including:
      • Earned Income Tax
      • Payroll Expense Tax
      • Local Service Tax
      • Business Privilege Tax
      • Amusement Tax
      • Parking Tax
      • Institution and Service Privilege Tax
      • Facility Usage Fees
    • This division consists of current billing and processing, delinquent billing and compliance through auditing and investigations. To view all City self-assessed taxes, click here.
  • Financial Control: 412-255-8654
    • Manages the City's financial portfolio to bring the greatest rate of return on investment of available funds.
    • Additionally, Financial Control provides debt service administration, account balancing, and daily funds investment.
    • The Financial Control is comprised of Revenue Investments, Cashier Processing, and Control.
  • Real Estate Division: 412-255-2525
    • This division is responsible for all Real Estate Tax billing and collections, including Treasurer's Sales. 
    • The City Real Estate Tax, applies to all individuals or businesses owning real estate located within the City and Pittsburgh School District.
    • The millage rate is applied to the assessed value, which is 100 percent of the market value as determined by the Allegheny County Board of Assessors.  Please visit the link for Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Properties for Sale: 412-255-2300
    • This unit manages, maintains, and markets properties acquired by the City due to delinquency.  Please visit the Properties for Sale page!


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