Department of Finance
Core Services & Objectives

Various Duties of the Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is responsible for providing many services to the City of Pittsburgh. One of its largest responsibilities is managing the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) operating cash. In addition, Finance handles the capital, bond and pension funds while providing revenue tracking for reporting to the Controller's Office. Finance also bills and collects all self-assessed taxes and related record maintenance and handles City-wide contracts.

Another of our primary responsibilities is billing and collecting Real Estate Taxes, which provides a major source of revenue to the City. We also manage Senior Citizen and Homestead Programs.

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  • Maximize collection of all property and self-assessed taxes.
  • Dispose of the portfolio of the city-owned property acquired for tax delinquency.
  • Maximize the investment return on City operating cash.


  • Evaluate the employee productivity and system efficiency involved in the collection of each tax.
  • Accurately inventory the portfolio of City-acquired tax delinquent property in preparation for sale.
  • Streamline the cash management process.


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