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Property Tax Worksheet

Property Tax Worksheet

 This sheet is designed to provide you with an estimate of your 2016 property tax bill.

The Allegheny County property reassessment will determine the values that will be used to calculate your tax bill (assessment values can be found by clicking here). New tax millage rates have been set for the City, County and School District and tax bills will be mailed to you shortly. The City of Pittsburgh will not receive additional revenue as a result of the Allegheny County reassessment. 

The following measures are meant to help you lower your tax bills:

If you have any questions or need any help finding out if you qualify for tax relief programs, please call the 311 Response Line.

Disclaimer - This website and the figures thereon DO NOT represent actual tax liability or formal tax bills for the City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Carnegie Library, or Allegheny County. The purpose of this website is to generate a rough estimate of potential tax liability based on proposed values, millage rates, exemption and abatement rates and amounts, and discount percentages that are all subject to change. No user shall rely on the data generated, given, or extrapolated from this page for tax liability or any other purpose and any user who does so, does it at their own risk. The City of Pittsburgh assumes no liability for the data on or generated by this page and assumes no liability for any user's usage of, or reliance on it.



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