Real Estate

The Real Estate Division of the Department of Finance accepts questions from the general public for purchase of properties.

The City makes certain that the requested property is not needed for public improvement. The prospective purchaser submits a request to become a qualified buyer.

A qualified buyer is one who:

  • has paid taxes, water, sewage, etc.
  • is in compliance with City codes and policies.

The approved prospective purchaser is notified of the price in the response letter to the Request to Purchase form.

Properties for Sale

Learn more about our "Court Auction" property process

You may qualify for special pricing with our Side Yard Sales Program

Browse City-Owned Properties Available for Sale

Request to Purchase Form for Individuals

Request to Purchase Form for Business Entities

Request to Include a property in a Future Treasurer’s Sale

For additional information about the vacant lots, call the Real Estate Division at: 412-255-2300

Treasurer Sales

The Real Estate Department conducts Treasurer's Sales throughout the year.

A Treasurer’s Sale is a mechanism by which derelict and text delinquent properties can be put up for auction.

During a treasurer’s sale, the public can bid on such properties, with a minimum price being the sum of a few specific public liens on the property, including the City, School District, County and PWSA

These liens will be satisfied by the sale of the property at the Treasurer’s sale, but the property will not have a clear title and other liens on the property may still exist.   

If no one purchases the property at the Treasurer’s Sale, the City takes ownership.   The City may re-sell the property to interested buyers with clear title.

If you know of a property you’d like to acquire, you can inquire about it by contacting the Real Estate Department and if it qualifies, you can request to include it in a future Treasurer’s Sale.

Please review the Procedures for Bidding at the sale. If you bid on a property you are required to pay the upset price at the time of the bid with cash or certified funds. We do not accept personal checks.

Each Treasurer's Sale will occur at 10:00 a.m. on the scheduled date at the City Council Chambers:

City-County Building, 5th floor )
City of Pittsburgh
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

To view a map of tax delinquent properties please visit: