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About Innovation & Performance

What is the goal of Innovation and Performance?

Our goal is simple: to transform Pittsburgh into a world-class city through the intersection of technology, sustainability, and performance.

We work with other departments and bureaus internally and collaborate with nonprofit, academic, private sector, and other government partners to: 

  • Nurture innovation through local understanding, best practices, and City-community engagement
  • Capture and store knowledge digitally to honor the past and build the future
  • Apply performance measurements to increase government efficiency, accountability, and data-driven decisions
  • Empower neighborhoods through improved technology, access, and processes
  • Champion and institute sustainable thinking and practices
  • Support entrepreneurship, local businesses, and innovation hubs

The Department of Innovation & Performance is focused on six main areas:

  1. Client Relations - serves as the direct contact to the City departments, including public safety on their IT systems and business process.
    • We also manage the technological assets of the City, and when appropriate apply technology or develop web applications to automate services and enhance user experience.
  2. Resilient Networks - ensures that the City’s network and information is secure and robust.
    • It supports the ongoing, daily needs of the City against known and unknown risks and vulnerabilities.
  3. Administration - responsible for the financial and human resources of the Department.
    • It also supports the City’s technology procurement and asset management. 
  4. Communications Technology - serves as the first point of contact for the public to the City with multiple, up-to-date, communication channels, including print, web, the City Cable Channel, and 311.
    • 311 allows the public to report all non-emergency concerns or questions.
    • The City Cable Channel is a dedicated public channel that provides Pittsburgh viewers with important and relevant information, such as City Council Legislative and Standing Committee meetings and special City-related programming. 
  5. Sustainability - works to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of Pittsburgh. through the principles of environmental stewardship, resource efficiencies, and climate change resilience.
  6. Strategy and Performance - works to use data to understand City operations and improve decision making. We work to empower neighborhoods by sharing information and working collaboratively on technology projects.
    • We develop enterprise strategies for the City's information and telecommunications systems. The team also provides technology training and education to City staff.


Innovation & Performance

I&P aims to transform Pittsburgh into a world-class city through the intersections of technology, sustainability, and performance. While separate, like rotating wheel cogs, the three areas will only move forward when working together.

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