Public Engagement Phase
posted 10.20.2016
Mayor William Peduto and the City of Pittsburgh Department of Innovation & Performance is pleased to launch the public engagement phase of the city's upgraded digital presence, through
Welcome to Alpha!
posted 10.25.2016
 We are building the next generation of and we want your input!
Data Driven Design
posted 10.25.2016
How do we know what information should be presented on a website? How do know if what we are designing works? Gathering is part of the answer. 
Alpha on the Road
posted 10.25.2016
Coming soon to a meeting or event near you: Alpha on the Road! 
Mobile Friendly Design
posted 10.25.2016
Smart hot right now. But how does that affect the design of our new website? 
Benchmark Websites
posted 10.26.2016
We are building a new website, not re-inventing the wheel. Take a look at some of the websites that have inspired our team.
What Kind of Feedback Are We Looking For?
posted 11.3.2016
We keep getting the question: "What kind of feedback are you looking for?" Lets break down some options.
Plain Language
posted 11.9.2016
Its not enough to provide information. We need to provide understandable and usable information. That's where Plain Language comes in
Alpha on the Road at Inclusive Innovation Live
posted 11.21.2016
We tested our new website design with outside users for the first time. What did we learn? 
Content Savvy
posted 12.2.2016
We want to organize information in a way that makes it more accessible to you, the user. Here's a look at our plan.
Our Process
posted 12.8.2016
Building a new site is a big project. Let's look at how we are taking this on step by step.
Citizen Guides
posted 1.9.2017
We've spent a lot of time experimenting with the best ways to organize information on the next generation of
What's in a name?
posted 1.20.2017
We are always trying to find ways to showcase City programs and initiatives to the public. We often spread the word through branding. But what happens when that branding makes web navigation more difficult? 
Map Tech
posted 3.1.2017
The Web Team is working on some exciting map tech for the new website to engage users!  These interactive maps will help users find information and resources in the city. Let's take a look at our Map Tech!
Accessible Features for Users with Disabilities
posted 3.16.2017
Navigating a website can be difficult for some users with disabilities. User accessibility is very important to us. We need to do our part to make sure that our website is accessible to all.
Tabbed Navigation System
posted 4.5.2017
There's a lot of content to integrate into the new website. How are we planning to organize all of it?