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Roundtable Discussion On Accelerators And Co-Working Spaces In Pittsburgh Hosted By Mayor Peduto

Mayor William Peduto hosted a Roundtable discussion on Coworking Spaces and Startup Accelerators in the City of Pittsburgh. This was the third of four Roundtable events, which included the Maker Movement, Clean Technology and the Startup Sector.

Roundtable Discussion On Startups And Entrepreneurship In The City of Pittsburgh Hosted By Mayor Peduto

Click to learn more about his discussion with Entrepreneurs and local CEO's on the City Cable Channel.


Mayor Peduto, in partnership with the White House Business Council and Business Forward, hosted the City's first discussion on Clean Technology in Pittsburgh.  The discussion was a big hit with contributions from civic and business leaders, elected officials, and academics.  The discussion can be viewed on the City Cable Channel starting August 7th, 2014 and on You Tube. 


On June 9th Mayor William Peduto met with local members of the Maker Movement to discuss current topics within the maker community, and brainstorm opportunities for collaboration and promotion. Catch rebroadcasts on the City Cable Channel (Comcast 13/Verizon 44) at 3:00am, 10:00am, 4:30pm, and 10:30pm.


“It is now our moment, our opportunity -- indeed, it is our duty -- to create the next Pittsburgh:  A city that gleams not only with the lights and glass of our towers, but one that also glows with the hope of revived neighborhoods, that thrives in a renewed sense of possibility for every child born here.”

--Mayor William Peduto

The Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) is a cornerstone of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, helping the nation to save money on energy bills while reducing carbon pollution.  


In March 2014, the City of Pittsburgh passed Open Data Legislation, setting the default to "open" and paving the way to increase transparency in City operations and build collaborative information-sharing relationships with community groups.' 


I&P aims to transform Pittsburgh into a world-class city through the intersections of technology, sustainability, and performance. While separate, like rotating wheel cogs, the three areas will only move forward when working together.

We live in an age of infinite possibilities. The newly created Department of Innovation & Performance (I&P) reflects Mayor’s Peduto’s vision for the Next Pittsburgh and our team’s role in fostering a culture of accountability and innovation at levels and sectors of society. I&P aims to transform Pittsburgh into a world class city through not only managing information systems and delivering technology, but by pursuing data-driven decision-making, creating sustainable solutions, and driving quality performance.

While technology is an important component to this, it is not the only end goal. There is no silver bullet, fancy platform, or expensive software that can magically transform the City. The City’s greatest assets are its people, us, and our commitment to collaboration and better serving the city government and its residents.

Beyond servicing the City and its departments and agencies internally with strategy and hardware, I&P has a wider external component. We work to better service all residents of Pittsburgh by closing the digital divide, fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, improving access and application of information, and empowering neighborhoods, especially vulnerable communities. We want citizens to better utilize their resources and information to make better decisions and take action.

Innovation Roundtable Series Map

Maker Roundtable Summary Report


Maker Roundtable Photo

Read the summary report here!

Maker Roundtable Feature: Education

Lisa Brahms, Director of Learning and Research at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh talks about the MAKESHOP and Maker Education in Pittsburgh.

Maker Roundtable Feature: Arts

Rachel Saul, Education Program Coordinator of the Society for Contemporary Craft talks about how Maker Arts are growing and thriving by connecting citizens with technology and creativity.

Maker Roundtable Feature: Workforce Development

Paulo Nzambi, COO of Manchester Bidwell Corpporation talks about Maker Training and Workforce Development in the City of Pittsburgh.

Maker Roundtable Feature: Entrepreneurship 

Tom Lauwers, Found & Chief Robiticist of BirdBrain Technologies LLC talks about how the Maker Movement has made Pittsburgh the ideal city for businesses on light industrial hardware.

Visit the Steel City Codefest website to check out the event photos!

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