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Application Criteria


Minimum Criteria

  • All sections of application must be filled out.
  • Applicants must commit to participate for the full length of program.
  • Must be a startup defined as:
    • The company must be a legally registered company.
    • The company must be headquartered in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh-based preferred).
    • The company must have a working beta-stage, pilot-ready product/service ready to be tested at the City and/or Participant Organizations.


  • The PGH Lab Rules & Regulations will go into effect on a startup if invited to participate in the program.
  • Read and Acknowledge PGH Lab Rules and Regulations.


PGH Lab review committee will base the selection process according to the following:

  • Met Minimum Criteria required.
  • Innovation:
    • Does the product already exist?
    • To what extent is the product innovative?
    • How does it fit with the needs of the City of Pittsburgh and participant organizations?
  • Impact:
    • Would the beta-stage product or service lead to short-term or long-term outcomes that will benefit the city and its residents?
  • Feasibility:
    • Can the product be realistically implemented in city government given the current resources and capabilities?
    • What kinds of actions will it require the City or the Participant Organizations to accomplish to make the pilot program successful?


Application Period

Check eligibility requirements and PGH Lab Rules & Regulations

Selection Period

Selected companies will be invited to present their proposed pilot projects and solution to the PGH Lab Review committee

Pilot Period

Companies will be working with their respective host organization and city champion to test their products and services for 3-4 months

Evaluation Period

Companies will share their pilot project findings in a community event