2017 Cohort

CleanRobotics logo

CleanRobotics makes TrashBot, a robotics waste bin that automatically separates landfill waste from recyclables.

Cognowear logo

Cognowear aims to create intelligent attire that optimizes the wearer's comfort. Our first product has adaptive sensing technology that interprets the wearer’s environmental and body signals, and translates them to ensure the most comfortable temperature for the wearer.

Flywheel logo

Flywheel helps organizations understand and improve the way they work. We design processes that enable human beings to work better together, supporting productive, engaging work environments.

MellonHead Labs logo

MellonHead Labs designs, manufactures, and distributes advanced sensors used in the measurement of water quality. CATTfish is a loT product that provides large data sets for the home or office. FlaminGO is a sensor node system for use in rivers, streams, or ponds.

Kaarta logo

Kaarta easily and accurately transforms the real world into actionable 3D digital models. Our hardware and software enables generating as models while moving to scan a site while walking, driving or flying and displays the information in real time. This has extensive application in projects such as remodeling, construction, asset management, civil planning, security, and forensics.

2016 Cohort

Hibersense Logo

HiberSense provides facility managers and property owners with micro-zone climate control, through a distributed network of sensors and smart vents. HiberSense can precisely condition spaces so they are comfortable for everyone while saving energy and protecting expensive heating and cooling equipment.

Transitsource Logo

TransitSource ‘s proactive technology can protect people before accidents happen, provide data for governments make informed decisions on infrastructure improvements, and increase the quality of people-powered transit in our cities.

Renerge Logo

The Water Horse by Renergé, Inc. is an open flow hydro-energy system that, unlike traditional turbines, is readily deployable and minimally disruptive to river resources. The Water Horse functions in flows previously described as "technically unrecoverable, "thereby tapping an entirely new renewable energy resource.