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Small Business Resource Fair

The Small Business Resource Fair

The next Small Business Resource Fair - Government Edition will take place on Monday, September 6th.

Please visit our Eventbrite page to confirm your attendance.

The Small Business Resource Fair - Government Edition is hosted by the Department of Innovation & Performance, the Mayor's office, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. This complimentary event is ideal for small business owners such as restaurateurs, retail owners, contractors, etc.

The purpose is to offer small business owners in-person access to representatives from all relevant departments within City services (zoning, permits, ADA compliance, etc.) in order to have their questions answered ― all in one location. ​

Please watch City Channel Pittsburgh's coverage of the first event below...

From Small Business Resource Fair – Government Editions, we gathered your questions to create a resource to find the answers. Below you will find a resource to address these topics.





How can I get a new trash receptacle?

Call 311 or use the web form here.

Department of Public Works

How can I install bike racks?

Please fill out this application from the Department of City Planning.

How can I get an extension of premises?

Here is a permit from the Department of Public Works (DPW) for regular extension of premises.

How can I get an extension of premises for cooking and food preparation?

This permit from the DPW will start the process.

How can I have a sidewalk café?

The DPW will need this permit.

How can I get demolition dumpster?

Please apply for this permit from the DPW.

How can I get a business ID sign/handicap ramp/awning, etc?

These are all encroachments. Encroachments are solid objects which extend into or above the right-of-way (sidewalk). You will need a permit from the DPW.

How can I get trash pick up?

Call Environmental Services 412-255-2312

How can I create or modify a curb cut?

Curb cuts require permits. Please visit this webpage to find the appropriate information and application.

How can I get a loading zone?

Contact Amanda Broadwater in the Traffic Division 412-255-8846.

Permits, Licenses, and Inspections

What licenses are needed for businesses?

Depending on your type of business, you will need a specific license. Various licenses may be viewed here.

How can I get an occupancy permit?

The building must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Board and also by Permits, Licenses and Inspection (PLI). Find more here.

How can I get a building permit?

The process is similar to obtaining an occupancy permit. You must be reviewed and approved by both the Zoning Board and PLI. Learn more here.

When do I need a building permit?

Permits must be obtained prior to any construction. Please consult with PLI.

How can I get a commercial cooking hood?

You will need a permit from PLI.

Department of City Planning

I need help understanding ADA (Americans with Disability Act) rules.

Richard Meritzer is the ADA Coordinator for the City of Pittsburgh. Information about ADA rules and compliance can be found here.

I want to know more about the historic  review commission.

Contact Sarah Quinn, historic preservation manager, with questions 412-255-2243.

I want to know more about public art commission review.

Contact Morton Brown, public art manager, with questions 412-255-8996 .

Department of Finance

How can I buy City property for business?

You must complete a Request to Purchase form from the Department of Finance.

I need to learn more about tax compliance for small businesses.

Please contact the Department of Finance with your specific questions at 412-255-2504.


How can I get a zoning variance?

Contact Lana Ipatova, zoning case review specialist at 412-255-2214. 

What is the process for expanding parking lot?

Parking requires a stamped survey.  Contact Anne Kramer, design review specialist, for specific help  412-255-2562. 

Allegheny County Health Deparment

What are some requirements for a commercial kitchen?

The Allegheny County Health Department regulates food safety. Depending on your type of food service, you will need to meet specific requirements.


Where can I learn about panhandling laws?

Regulations regarding panhandling can be found here.





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