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Do you have questions about what a land bank is and how it works? Take a look at this handy FAQ.

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The Land Bank Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for the second Friday of every month at 1:00p.m. in City Council Chambers, 414 Grant Street, 5th Floor in the City-County Building. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Pittsburgh Land Bank Board of Directors will be held Friday, December 9th, 2016 at 1:00p.m. in City Council Chambers, 414 Grant Street, 5th Floor in the City-County Building. The meeting will be recorded and televised.

Land Bank Benefits

The Land Bank will give communities a voice to decide the fate of tax-foreclosed property in their neighborhood, guarding against vacant parcels of land falling into the hands of speculators, allowing neighborhoods to drive development at the grassroots level.  By viewing vacant and abandoned properties as potential assets—rather than barriers—communities can reinvest in their neighborhoods from the ground up.

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We did it!

We’re thrilled to announce that Monday, April 14th, 2014 marked the passage of the much awaited Land Bank bill! Pittsburgh City Council passed necessary legislation to create the Pittsburgh Land Bank Board, taking a huge step forward towards addressing the problem of blight throughout our city.

The bill received overwhelming support with eight of the nine council members voting in support. Your diligence through weeks of discussion, negotiation and compromise is greatly appreciated, and we could not have succeeded without your commitment towards positive change in the City of Pittsburgh. A resounding round of applause and thanks to all of you who have offered insight, assistance and support to help us kick off 2014 with a blast of progressive action.

As the bill moves towards Mayor Peduto’s desk, stay tuned for updates and further information! There’s still a long road ahead of us but with your support and dedication, we’re determined to create a Land Bank that will fully serve your best interests.   

posted 11/02/16 @ 9:04 am
You Spoke, We Listened

It’s been busy in Pittsburgh City Council! Councilwoman Gross’ January introduction of legislation to create a Pittsburgh land bank led to an outpouring of productive public discussion about vacant and abandoned property in our city. 

Through a televised post agenda meeting, a crowd-packed four and a half hour evening public hearing in Council Chambers, and numerous meetings with a wide range of community leaders and groups who serve affected neighborhoods, Councilwoman Gross and Councilman Corey O’Connor have been hard at work incorporating this feedback to craft amendments to create a land bank that will for work for communities from the ground-up.

Both Council offices have been engaged in a four week one-on-one outreach period to hear input from community leaders to address common concerns about how the land bank’s board should be structured, the creation of a community-based petition process to check and balance the land bank’s activity in affected areas, and work to strengthen and solidify protection for those in occupied homes.

We’re excited about what is coming down the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share it with you once the feedback period is finished. Summary points of Councilman O’Connor’s amendments will be forthcoming to provide an idea of the improvements contained within the amendments as they are refined and legally reviewed.

  • Take a look below for a broad summary of the O’Connor-Gross amendments, and check this page regularly for updates, useful links, and other land bank resources.
  • Do you have questions about what a land bank is and how it works? Take a look at this handy FAQ page here
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