Office of Mayor William Peduto
Executive Team
Please call 412-255-2626 to reach any member of the executive team.

Chief of Staff & Chief Development Officer

Kevin Acklin

The Chief of Staff reports directly to the Mayor and manages the Executive Team.

As Chief Development Officer, he oversees all development activities in the city, including responsibilities over City Planning, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, Sports & Exhibition Authority, and the Stadium Authority.

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Chief Administration Officer

Debbie Lestitian

The Chief Administration Officer oversees all administrative functions of city government, with responsibilities over Personnel & Civil Service, Finance, the Citizens Police Review Board, the Office of Municipal Investigations, and Mayoral appointments to all Boards, Authorities, and Commissions.

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Chief Urban Affairs Officer

Valerie McDonald-Roberts

The Chief Urban Affairs Officer oversees all housing, non-profit, and faith-based initiatives of city government, with responsibilities over the Housing Authority, the Commission on Human Relations, and with a particular focus on improving underserved neighborhoods.

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Chief Operations Officer

Guy Costa

The Chief Operations Officer oversees all operational functions of city government, with responsibilities over Public Works, Parks & Recreation, the Parking Authority, and the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority.

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Solicitor & Chief Legal Officer

Lourdes Sánchez-Ridge

The Solicitor and Chief Legal Officer oversees all legal and ethical functions of city government, with responsibilities over the Law Department, Ethics Hearing Board, and the Office of Municipal Investigations.

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The Office of Mayor William Peduto
512 City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-2626

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