Office of Mayor William Peduto
Youth Commission


This commission consists of 15 members who are experts in fields relating to youth, children, and familys needs, activities, and interests. It will define priorities to address the needs of Pittsburghs children, youth, and families, and identify or create programmatic and policy opportunities to address those prioritized needs. It will also inform elected and appointed officials representing the children, youth, and families of Pittsburgh to help them achieve their fullest potential in terms of mind, body, and spirit and to meaningfully connect to the City of Pittsburgh. Three youth from the Mayors Youth Council will serve on this commission along with a representative from the following: Pittsburgh Public Schools, business community, non-profit community, law enforcement, youth serving organization, university or college, and a community based organization. The Youth Commission was established under the Pittsburgh Ordinance No. 12, approved on August 9, 2006. The Mayor chairs this commission.

Governing Documents

Pittsburgh Code Title One, Article IX, Chapter 178

Appointment Guidelines

  • 15 members
  • All appointed by Mayor; confirmed by City Council
  • Chair is the Mayor
  • 3 from Youth Council
  • 1 from administration of Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • (selected by the Superintendent of PPS)
  • At least 1 from business community
  • At least 1 from a nonprofit, youth-serving organization
  • 2 from University/College community
  • At least 1 from law enforcement
  • At least 1 from a community-based organization


  • Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Chair
  • Joanne Witkowski
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Leon E. Haynes III
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Christopher Sweeney
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Tammy Michelle Wells
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Dr. Veronica Morgan-Lee
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Dina Clark
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Mark A. Nordenberg
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Chief Nathan Harper
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Carmel Nickens Phillips
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Superintendent Mark Roosevelt, Pittsburgh Public Schools
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Mohamed Arif Ali
    • Term expires 4.1.2011
  • Charlynn White
  • Bryan Woll
  • Chao Long

Residency Requirements

Must be a City resident and an expert in fields related to youth needs, activities, and interests




Meetings are held at least four times a year from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Mayor's Conference Room

Contact Information



The Office of Mayor William Peduto
512 City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-2626

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