Office of Mayor William Peduto
Comprehensive Municipal Pension Trust Fund (CMPTF)


In 1984 the Pennsylvania Legislature passed Act 205, The Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act. The purpose of this Act was to stop the increase in unfunded liabilities of municipal pension plans and to establish a program to make these plans solvent.

The Comprehensive Board was forced to pool the assets of police, fire, and municipal plans in order to achieve administrative savings and greater investment earnings. This Board consists of seven members.

Governing Documents

Appointment Guidelines

Seven members

  • 2 Appointed by Mayor of Pittsburgh; confirmed by City Council
  • 1 elected by Police Union
  • 1 elected by Fire Union
  • 1 elected by active Municipal Pension employees
  • 1 City Council President
  • 1 City Controller


  • Mayor Bill Peduto
    • Serves for duration of Term in Office
  • City Controller Michael Lamb
    • Serves for duration of Term in Office 
  • Michael Huss, Mayor's Appointtee
    • Term Expires 12/31/2013  
  • Councilman Bruce Kraus, City Council Pesident
    • Term Expires 12/31/2013  
  • John Sibbet, CMPTF President
    • Term Expires 12/31/2015
  • Robert Wilson
    • Term Expires 12/31/2015
  • Margaret Lanier, Municipal Pension Representative
    • Term dependent on election

Residency Requirements

Must be from managing board of one of the City's pension plans.




Typically the fourth Thursday of February, May, August, and November.

Contact Information

Paul Leger, CMPTF Executive Director
Phone: 412-255-8670


The Office of Mayor William Peduto
512 City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-2626

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