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Mayor Peduto's Homefront Pittsburgh Initiative Launches Social Media Campaign for Military Appreciation Month in Collaboration with NEXTpittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 2, 2016) Homefront Pittsburgh, in collaboration with NEXTpittsburgh, launches a social media campaign for Military Appreciation Month, beginning today, to lift up everyday veterans and their family members around Pittsburgh who have contributed to the city by highlighting their stories. Follow the campaign on NEXTpittsburgh, Facebook and Twitter. Look for the hashtag #IamPGH, running every Monday from May 2 to May 30, 2016.

The #IamPGH military series focuses on local veterans and military spouses with diverse stories. Narratives in the media often focus more on veteran struggles than their strengths, but this campaign shifts to both show Pittsburghers the assets that veterans bring to the community and spotlight their perseverance when faced with a range of experiences.

“Veterans, servicemembers, and military families are essential to our city. They are a vital part of our communities, foster a stronger workforce, and advance the growth of our city as a whole,” says Mayor William Peduto. Adding, “Sharing stories is a small but hopefully meaningful way we can build visibility of Pittsburghers who have proudly served our nation and continue to serve our city in some way every day.”

Military Appreciation Month is an opportunity to honor the bravery and sacrifice that the nation’s servicemembers and veterans have made. It is a reminder of how important those who have served are to this country. This campaign coincides with Military Appreciation Month to demonstrate the respect towards veterans and the significance they have on the community.

The #IamPGH military series consists of photos and quotes that recognize the experiences that have impacted veterans or their family members. One example comes from Joel who shares:

““I served in Iraq and Afghanistan… Probably the most influential period of my life were the things I learned during that combat environment. I had a bunch of experiences that I gained from the military and I didn’t feel like I was using them to the greatest of my ability in my work. I started looking for other outlets where I could have a greater purpose like you typically have in the military -- a second oath, in a sense.”

For more information on Mayor Peduto’s Homefront Pittsburgh initiative, contact Deputy Chief of Special Initiatives, Betty Cruz at or visit Homefront Pittsburgh on Facebook or Twitter.



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