Office of Mayor William Peduto
Legislation to boost government transparency and quality of interaction with residents

PITTSBURGH, PA - (March 5, 2014) - Today Pittsburgh City Council voted to revolutionize the way the City of Pittsburgh collects, uses, and releases data about city operations and services. This legislation will provide the foundation for a data-driven government that will make a real difference in residents' lives as we improve the way we deliver city services, increase transparency and participation in government, and build stronger relationships and lines of communication within and between city departments.

"Opening up city government's books and sharing what we know with our workforce, residents and tech community is not only going to benefit everyone in the city but it's also just the right thing to do. The residents of Pittsburgh own this data, it's theirs, not ours, and we have an obligation to share it," said Mayor William Peduto. "I want to thank Councilwoman Rudiak for her leadership on this issue and all of Council for recognizing how important this is to the future of our city."

"We posted the draft bill online and received nearly 100 comments from the public, some from experts as far away as California and Philadelphia,” said Councilman Natalia Rudiak. “This is a pivotal moment, both in legislative process and how the city will share information. We look forward to more engagement with the growing local tech community, as we begin to work on apps and innovations to address the needs of our neighbors, community leaders, and our very own city employees."

The Mayor also thanks Pittsburgh Dataworks, Bob Gradeck from the University of Pittsburgh, our partners at Allegheny County and others across the region who helped us lay the groundwork to take this important step today. It is our hope that this will be a first step in a broader initiative to create a regional open data system to collaborate and share information with partners across all sectors.

Council approved the legislation in a preliminary vote Wednesday before a final vote scheduled Tuesday, March 11.



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