Office of Mayor William Peduto
Appointments made to support diversity and community involvement in core city functions

PITTSBURGH, PA - Mayor William Peduto appointed 45 individuals to serve on 11 boards, authorities and commissions in the City of Pittsburgh today. The appointments represent the most diverse class of board, authority, and commission appointments in the history of the City of Pittsburgh. Fifty-five percent of the appointees are women and approximately one quarter of the appointees are African-American.

“Our boards, authorities and commissions are an essential part of the daily work of this city and we need to make sure that their leadership and operations reflect every day Pittsburghers,” said Mayor Peduto. “Diversity is important because only when we have all viewpoints and backgrounds at the table will we truly make decisions that benefit all stakeholders of this city.”

Appointments were made to ALCOSAN, Allegheny Regional Asset District, Planning Commission, Housing Authority, Parking Authority, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Sports and Exhibition Authority, Stadium Authority, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Southwestern Pennsylvania Commision.

Today’s appointments follow upon Mayor Peduto’s request in January that all appointees of the prior administration serving on these city boards and commissions submit their resignations.  After posting for all positions on the Talent City website and collaborating with other stakeholder groups, the Mayor finalized his selections for these positions last week.

Appointees to ALCOSAN, Planning Commission, Housing Authority, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and Zoning Board of Adjustment need to be confirmed by City Council.  

A list of appointees follows:


Brenda Smith

Councilman Corey O’Connor

Greg Jones

Sylvia Wilson


Allegheny Regional Asset District

Sylvia Fields

Don Linzer


Planning Commission

Paul Gitnik, Esq.

Fred Brown

Barb Valaw

Jennifer Askey

Christine Mondor

John Paul Jones

Lucy Spruill

Lashawn Burton-Faulk


Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

Enid Miller

Lara Washington

Peter Robert Kaplan

Leroy Morgan

Lena Andrews


Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh

Jeff Cohen

Loralyn Fabian

Aradhna Oliphant

Cathy Qureshi


Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Debbie Lestitian, Esq.

Councilwoman Deborah Gross

Andrea Geraghty, Esq.

Caren Glotfelty

Margaret Lanier

Alex Thomson


Sports and Exhibition Authority

Councilman Dan Gilman

Reverend John Welch

Jill Weimer


Stadium Authority

Stanley Lederman, Esq.

Jay Anderko

Jim Malanos


Urban Redevelopment Authority

Kevin Acklin, Esq.

Rep. Ed Gainey

Cheryl Hall Russell


Zoning Board of Adjustment

JJ Richardson, Esq.

Alice Mitinger

Lashawn Burton-Faulk


Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission

Mayor William Peduto

State Representative Erin Molchany

Scott Bricker

Mavis Rainey



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