Office of Mayor William Peduto
Thanks community leaders for working together against blight & abandonment

“Today’s vote to move ahead with the creation of a Pittsburgh Community Land Bank is a major step forward in our fight against blight and abandonment in our neighborhoods. I want to thank all of the community leaders who have come together to work collaboratively on this important legislation and the Members of City Council who have invested countless hours in making this victory possible.

I especially want to thank Councilwoman Deb Gross for her leadership in starting this conversation and for putting in the hard work to see it through to a successful conclusion; and Councilman Corey O’Connor for working with Councilwoman Gross and my office to bring the communities most impacted by blight and abandonment together to strengthen the legislation and come to a broad consensus.

This Land Bank will become an important and powerful tool in our efforts to empower residents to take back control of their neighborhoods from slumlords and speculators, to foster homeownership and wealth-building in our struggling communities, and to bring new investment into areas of the city that have been left behind. But today’s vote is just the first step. We need all residents involved in this fight against blight to stay involved as we move into the next phase of developing the policies and procedures that will guide the work of the Pittsburgh Community Land Bank for decades to come.”



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