Office of Mayor William Peduto
New facility, bocce courts, playground and parking deck to open this fall

PITTSBURGH, PA - In conjunction with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation’s “Project Power Play” program, Mayor William Peduto announced plans today for a new outdoor dek hockey rink to be built in Bloomfield Park.

The dek location will be adjacent to Officer Paul J. Sciullo II Memorial Field. Guests in attendance included the Sciullo family, members from the Central Catholic and Duquesne University hockey programs, representatives from the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, and the Bloomfield Citizens Council.

“This facility will be built as a legacy to a community that has invested heavily into the sport, and it will be in the shadow of Paul Sciullo Field, recognizing a great life, a great person and a great athlete,” Mayor Peduto said.

“We want to give to other kids the same opportunities that Paul had to help guide his life and follow in his footsteps.”

Penguins President David Morehouse thanked team owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle for their support -- along with partners at Highmark -- of a dozen dek hockey rinks around the Pittsburgh region. The team has also donated gym hockey gear to 400 elementary schools and some 1,200 Kindle readers to schools around Western Pennsylvania.

Morehouse, who played street hockey growing up in Beechview, said “part of the reason for the Penguins Foundation is to get kids off the couch and exercising, and to value sports and competitiveness and the lessons they learn through sports. Physical activity and education is what we’re focused on.”

Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation President David Soltesz said. “We do everything we can as an organization to fulfill the needs of the community as far as helping kids see if they really want to pursue ice hockey. That’s why we do the decks, the equipment in the schools, why we have the YMCA programs -- trying to nurture our sport and trying to help these kids.”

Project Power Play is a 3-year plan that began in 2012. The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and Highmark have teamed up on a $2.1 million project to build 12 dek hockey rinks in the Pittsburgh area. The project is designed to take advantage of the growing popularity of hockey in the tri-state area by affording young players access to newly constructed, outdoor, multi-use athletic facilities. These structures provide safe areas to play games under the supervision of established organizations. Prime consideration for placement is in local city/county parks or adjacent to managed youth development facilities.

The Bloomfield rink will be the fourth facility built by the Penguins and the City, following others in Banksville, Brookline and Hazelwood.

Construction is expected to start in June and be complete in October. Existing bocce courts and a playground will be moved slightly, and a new parking lot will be built under the Bloomfield Bridge. The project cost is roughly $800,000.

A map of the site is available here.



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