Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto Meets with Government & Business Leaders in Germany
Travels to Ludwigsburg sustainability conference as guest of Mayor, Carnegie Mellon

PITTSBURGH, PA - Mayor William Peduto is in Ludwigsburg, Germany, this week as the guest of the city’s Mayor and Carnegie Mellon University to learn about making sustainable improvements to government services and to meet with business leaders about working in Pittsburgh. Carnegie Mellon is covering the Mayor’s costs for the trip.

The Mayor is traveling with Prof. Volker Hartkopf of the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University; Energy Innovation Center Pittsburgh chairman and former Fisher Scientific CEO Bill Recker; computer software executive Mike Mihuc of OSIsoft; and Green Building Alliance Pittsburgh CEO Mike Schiller.

Mayor Peduto is attending a conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Sustainable City Development in Ludwigsburg at the invitation of its Lord Mayor, Werner Spec.

CEOs from across Germany are scheduled to attend the conference Wednesday and Thursday, and Mayor Peduto is set to end the week with meetings with business executives in the cities of Freiburg and Vauban, a model community of sustainable building practices.

Since 2004 Ludwigsburg has been working to address municipal and resident concerns by using collaboration among city departments -- and with industry -- to work jointly to effect sustainable change.

“Ludwigsburg is known internationally for its sustainability efforts. It won a national award in 2008 for its success in introducing integrated, cyclical management systems into government, and I’m already working to replicate work like that at home in Pittsburgh,” Mayor Peduto said.

Mayor Spec wrote in his invitation to Mayor Peduto to attend the conference that sustainability “is a starting point for addressing municipal tasks with clear objectives, priorities and farsightedness. During your visit we would be very happy to share with you our experiences in advancing collaboration among city departments to advance sustainability. To achieve our goals, we have also benefited from the support of industries and governmental agencies. It would be an honor to support your efforts in Pittsburgh by helping to possibly attract sustainability focused companies and organizations.”

Among other business meetings Mayor Peduto is scheduled to meet with executives from Bosch, an emerging leader in efforts to use technology to improve urban quality of life, which has an office in Pittsburgh.

“Regional, urban, community and neighborhood sustainability challenges and opportunities are of increasingly global, national, regional, and local importance,” Prof. Hartkopf said. “Pittsburgh already experiences major urban improvements, the importance of future-proof job creation and how important the environmental quality is for the growing number of young generation new citizens. Pittsburgh benefits greatly from a number of public-private partnerships, including its world renowned universities. Therefore, Mayor Bill Peduto was invited by the Lord Mayor of a very successful and beautiful city, Ludwigsburg in Germany, to interact with leading-edge industry, policy, government and foundation leaders from all over Europe.”

During the trip Mayor Peduto plans to look for ways for Pittsburgh to support development and manufacturing through sustainable practices.

“Ludwigsburg is a small city that leveraged its sustainable development expertise to make itself better and attract more business. Pittsburgh has everything in place to do that too, and make the city a center for sustainable manufacturing,” the Mayor said. “The city already has CMU and Pitt working on sustainable research and design, and 21st century sustainable development is the next step.”



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