Office of Mayor William Peduto
Pittsburgh Rated Among Nation's Safest Cities for Pedestrians
Finding follows moves by Mayor William Peduto to make streets safer and smarter for all commuters

PITTSBURGH, PA - Pittsburgh was rated one of the top cities in the nation for pedestrian safety in a study released today by Smart Growth America.

The city was rated the second safest city in the United States for walkers, based on its levels of fatal pedestrian accidents and those who walk to work. Only Boston was rated better.

“One component in all great cities is walkability and Pittsburgh deserves this distinction,” Mayor William Peduto said. “We still have more to do to make our streets and sidewalks safer -- and smarter -- for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists but this study is a reminder of the solid foundation we’re building upon.”

Smart Growth’s “Dangerous By Design 2014” study ranks the nation’s 51 largest metropolitan areas by the Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI). It is based on the share of commuters who walk to work in each city and the number of pedestrian fatalities over the last five years.

Nationally the PDI from 2003-2012 was 52.2, with an average annual pedestrian fatality rate of 1.56 per 100,000 people. Pittsburgh was rated 50th in the country with 0.90 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people; 3.6% pedestrian commuters; and a PDI of 25.10.

Smart Growth America is a coalition of groups that advocate for better quality of life and sustainable economic and environmental policies in communities nationwide. One of its programs is the National Complete Streets Coalition, which urges transportation planners to design streets with all commuters in mind.

Under the Peduto administration, Pittsburgh will incorporate complete streets methods into its infrastructure planning. It is building five miles of protected bicycling lanes -- which promote traffic calming for pedestrians and motorists too -- in cooperation with the Green Lane Project. In conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University and local foundations, it is building out a cutting-edge traffic signal program that makes traffic safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly for all commuters. And the administration is also studying plans to partially close some downtown streets for pedestrian plazas.

In addition the Mayor has traveled regularly this year to promote the international Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference, the largest active transportation conference in North America, which Pittsburgh will host in September.



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