Office of Mayor William Peduto
Statement by Mayor William Peduto on Pennsylvania Marriage Equality Decision

PITTSBURGH, PA  (May 20, 2014) “I am overjoyed by the judge’s decision today, and can’t wait to throw open the doors of the Mayor’s Office to honor marriages of all couples. I would be thrilled to make the marriage of an LGBT couple the first one I officiate as Mayor.”


One of Mayor Peduto’s first orders of business was to sign on to the Mayors for Freedom to Marry campaign. He also stands in support of Why Marriage Matters Pennsylvania, an effort to educate and inform all Pennsylvanians about the importance of fairness and equality for all committed couples. In the mid-2000’s he helped create the City of Pittsburgh's Domestic Partner law, designed to allow same-sex couples to share health benefits. And thanks to a recent collaboration with Council President Bruce Kraus, anyone who does business with the city is required to provide same-sex partner benefits to their employees.



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