Office of Mayor William Peduto
Statement by Mayor William Peduto on Act 47 Recovery Plan

PITTSBURGH, PA - (May 30, 2014) “I want to thank the Act 47 team for their efforts on this plan. The last two Act 47 plans have taken significant work and planning, and this one I am sure is no different. But it presents a baseline, and does not go far enough to address our capital needs and pension obligations.

The plan acknowledges the city has long under-invested in infrastructure and ‘must now begin more aggressively working to maintain its assets.’ I won’t ask our residents to shoulder these burdens alone, while there is an opportunity for our nonprofit stakeholders to share in these necessary investments. We must have the courage to do more than what is in this plan if the city is to ever tackle these issues once and for all.

My office is still reviewing all the plan’s recommendations, including proposed revenue increases and spending reductions. In coming weeks we will work with City Council and the Act 47 team to come to a final agreement on them.

While I may not agree with every part of this plan I want to offer another word of thanks for Pittsburgh’s fiscal overseers: Their work is not easy, and they provide valuable resources for the decision makers in this city.”



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