Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto Calls On Public Utility Commission to End Intimidation of Ride-Sharing Services
Expresses disappointment with PUC, asks it to end prosecutions of Lyft & Uber

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 17, 2014) - Mayor William Peduto issued a letter to leadership of the Public Utility Commission today expressing his disappointment with the agency’s attempts to shut down ride-sharing companies.

The PUC’s enforcement bureau is seeking cease-and-desist orders to shut down the companies Lyft and Uber and prevent them from providing rides through their smartphone-based services.

“The role of government is to facilitate innovation and growth, not to stand in its way,” Mayor Peduto wrote. “This is a sentiment that I have shared with you before and during our conversations I was hopeful that the PUC would lead on this issue by working closely with Uber and Lyft to craft new regulations that would allow them to operate freely. I am still hopeful that this can happen and I trust in your commitment to exploring innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth.”

The Mayor is urging the PUC to work with the companies on an interim approval process that encourages safety for both riders and drivers, while also allowing the new services to grow while final regulations are considered.

A copy of the letter is available here.



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