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City Departments Prepare For Saturday Concert At Heinz Field
Public Safety and Public Works aim to ensure a safe, clean environment

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 20, 2014)  – This weekend’s Luke Bryan concert at Heinz Field is expected to attract tens of thousands of people to the North Shore. The City is working with ALCO Parking Corp and Heinz Field management to ensure a safe and clean environment for all to enjoy.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Officers will begin handling traffic details at 11 a.m. when Heinz Field parking lots open, and will begin to clear the parking lots of tailgating activities at 7:30 p.m.

Traffic will be handled in the same manner as during Steelers games.

The Bureau will have a mix of bicycle, beat, vehicle and wagon patrols working before, during and after the concert. Allegheny County Mounted Patrols will also assist with crowd control.

“We anticipate nearly 50,000 people will come by land and water for this concert. I encourage each and every concert goer to enjoy themselves while showing courtesy to one another so that a good time can be had by all,” said Public Safety Director Stephen A. Bucar.

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works will have crews working to place and remove barricades in addition to hauling away refuse and discarded items from the day’s events.

Attendees tailgating in the parking lots are encouraged to bring their own bags in addition to using the boxes provided by ALCO and Heinz Field management. Litter and recycling receptacles are located throughout the North Shore. If a receptacle is filled to capacity, it is acceptable to stack refuse bags in the general vicinity. The streets will be flushed and swept after the concert.

Chief Operations Officer Guy Costa noted, “We are very lucky to live in a city that has facilities and services to accommodate a world class and high profile event like this. Everyone in attendance can play a role in maintaining a safe and healthy environment throughout the day.”  


Friday, June 20, 2014
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