Office of Mayor William Peduto
Statement by Mayor William Peduto on Cease and Desist Orders Against Ride-Sharing Companies

PITTSBURGH, PA - “I will not let the Governor and the Public Utility Commission shut down innovation without a fight. I am confident it is one that I and other supporters of new business models will ultimately win.

Technologies like ride-sharing evolve with the times and state regulators must too. While the commission may wish for Pennsylvania to cling to a Jurassic Age of transportation options, people in Pittsburgh and other communities know our state must adapt or die in the global marketplace.

Many across our city and state support business growth and innovation, and a government that adapts to and rewards new technology and progress. We will fight together to find ways to promote entrepreneurship and modern transportation options while protecting the safety of riders and drivers alike.

I know this because it has been done before. Just last month Colorado approved bipartisan legislation to allow ride-sharing in that ever growing and ever evolving state, and Pennsylvania must seize this leadership opportunity and do the same. I will not let Pittsburgh's emerging status as a 21st Century technological hub be sacrificed by unaccountable bureaucrats clinging to the past.

If the governor and the PUC are unable to adapt to the new, we will work with Republican and Democratic leaders in the Legislature who support free-market capitalism, innovation and technology instead.”



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