Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto Hosts Roundtable On Startups
Event is last of four meetings on innovative Pittsburgh businesses

PITTSBURGH, PA (Aug. 13, 2014) - Mayor William Peduto will host a roundtable this afternoon with local startup firm leaders, and discuss ways the city can better support their businesses.

It will be the Mayor’s fourth and final roundtable this summer on innovative technology initiatives, following others on the Maker movement, clean technology and accelerators/co-working spaces.

“Pittsburgh has become a leading home for startup businesses, but I know we can do so much more to assist them, and make the city’s reputation as a startup hub even stronger,” Mayor Peduto said.

Participants in today’s roundtable will include: Robb Myer, Founder & President, NoWait; Kevin Dowling; Vice President of Engineering, 4moms; Luke Skurman, CEO,; Dick Zhang, President and CEO, Identified Technologies; Anne Lopez, CEO, Romeo Delivers; and Matthew Stanton, CEO, SolePower.

"We at NoWait are creating an experience which give people back their most valuable asset-time,” Myer said. “Seeing NoWait used by millions of people each month is the most amazing feeling in the world. I love being an entrepreneur."

"Although I left Pittsburgh 15 years ago to be an entrepreneur, I came back a few months ago to join a great team at 4moms and help grow a great company into a really great company,” Dowling said. “Pittsburgh's entrepreneurial eco-system is now better but can become great."

"Being an entrepreneur is an unbelievably rewarding profession - there are times where the lows are pretty low and the high are almost too good to be true but in the end it's hard to ask for a more rewarding profession,” Skurman said. “I love being an entrepreneur based in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has all the assets to be a major place in the innovation economy."

"If you're trying to create something and manufacture something,arguably Pittsburgh and western PA is the best place in this country to be,” said Zhang.

"As a member of Pittsburgh's growing entrepreneurial community, I am thrilled to participate in this event and see Mayor Peduto support job creation and innovation here in our city," said Lopez.

“My experience as an entrepreneur has taught me a great deal. It has shown me the number of challenges a startups face everyday,” Stanton said. “I look forward to highlighting these challenges in the roundtable with Mayor Peduto.

The event is scheduled for 2 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 13, in the Mayor’s Conference Room. It will be recorded live to tape and later rebroadcast on the City Cable Channel (Comcast 13, Verizon 44).

Staff will be live-tweeting from the event at @PghIP.



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