Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor, County Executive and Community Leaders Issue Statements on Planned Demonstration In Pittsburgh Tonight

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 21, 2014) - Mayor William Peduto, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and local community leaders have issued the following statements highlighting unity and safety in advance of a nationwide demonstration scheduled to take place in 37 cities tonight, including Pittsburgh.

“We share the concerns that have been sweeping the nation over unnecessary violence and we mourn the lives that have been lost to date. Voices should be and will be heard. The best way to address issues and to come to a resolution is through unity - having public officials, community leaders, public safety personnel and our residents work together to address issues and find solutions. As we work together to establish peace, maintaining safety for residents, demonstrators and law enforcement is of utmost importance to all of us.” - Mayor William Peduto & Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald

“Things are changing, and we are going in the right direction, but we need to continue in that direction by going back to our roots, and ensuring that our own households are in order. We need to be represented properly by our elected officials, and to ensure that our justice system delivers justice fairly and equally. We at the NAACP will stand with and do what’s right by our people. We cannot do that by destroying our communities – we must build them up and work from within.  The NAACP will work with our elected officials, our clergy, and our communities to make certain that agenda is carried out.” - Constance “Connie” Parker, President, NAACP Pittsburgh Branch

“The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh is outraged at the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death and appreciates any city and county efforts that provide public safety while protecting the constitutional right to peaceful protest.” – Esther L. Bush, President & CEO, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh

“African Americans and people of color have a right to have rage, but we must also have the wisdom to use our rage to empower our cities, states and the nation to institute the political and economic changes required to meet the problems of inequity we now confront. To do otherwise would be counterproductive. This week is National Week of Non-Violence. B-PEP/Coalition Against Violence along with its primary partner, Black Women for Positive Change, and MADDADS and CeaseFire PA, is participating in a national effort focused on asking young people to think twice before they decide to commit any act of violence.  We invite those who are angry and frustrated with the issues of justice and racial inequality to channel those energies into constructive and positive efforts. They are invited to join us at 6:30 PM this evening at East Liberty Presbyterian Church (Room 234) or Project Destiny, 2200 California Avenue, with Rev. Brenda Gregg to view the video “On Second Thought” and begin that conversation.” - Tim Stevens, Black Political Empowerment Project/Coalition Against Violence



Katie O’Malley, City of Pittsburgh

412-255-2944 office

412-925-1990 cell


Amie M. Downs, Allegheny County

412-350-3711 office

412-327-3700 cell



Thursday, August 21, 2014
Katie O'Malley
Communications Coordinator
Cell: (412) 925-1990

Amie Downs
Communications Director
Allegheny County
Office: (412) 350-3711
Cell: (412) 327-3700

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