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Public Works Crews Responding to Icy Road Conditions

PITTSBURGH, PA (Nov. 22, 2104) Pittsburgh Public Works crews have been responding to reports of icy bridges, ramps and other elevated surfaces since mid-morning Saturday, and have salted multiple bridges.

Ice and freezing rain conditions were not reported citywide. Rather, crews from the city’s six Public Works divisions monitored calls lodged with 911.

Most reports in the city centered on the Glenwood Bridge; Liberty Bridge; West End Circle; Birmingham Bridge; Prom Memorial (31st Street) Bridge; a Bigelow Boulevard ramp between 6th Avenue and Washington Place; and the Bloomfield Bridge. All were salted.

Crews determined that pre-treating the surfaces would have been pointless as the rain would have washed the road treatments away before icing occurred.

Temperatures were expected to rise by mid-afternoon, but motorists are still cautioned to beware of icy conditions, especially on bridges. Public Works will continue monitoring road conditions and call in additional personnel if necessary.



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