Office of Mayor William Peduto
Statement on Discussions Today on 5200 Penn Avenue

PITTSBURGH, PA (Feb. 2, 2015) This morning Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, and representatives from the offices of U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Allegheny County Economic Development met with Aggie Brose, Rick Flanagan, and Rick Swartz of the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation (BGC), as well as Brent Laubaugh and Christina Morascyzk of ALDI to discuss the future of 5200 Penn Avenue.

All parties participated in a productive discussion about how they can work together to best serve the needs of Garfield, Bloomfield, and Friendship residents, as well as those of ALDI.

ALDI currently is working with Delhaize to complete the transaction of 66 real estate sites, including 5200 Penn Avenue, which is expected to close by the end of March. Once the real estate transaction is completed, ALDI will have the opportunity to fully evaluate each location and communicate its intentions for specific sites.

ALDI also indicated its intent to work closely with County Executive Fitzgerald and Allegheny County Economic Development on other sites throughout the county.

ALDI has committed to working with residents and BGC regarding the property at 5200 Penn Avenue regardless of whether the property is used as an ALDI moving forward.



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