Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto Makes Nominations to City Boards, Commissions and Authorities
Follows citywide call for volunteers

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 20, 2015) Mayor William Peduto sent 36 nominations for seats on City boards, commissions and authorities to Pittsburgh City Council today.

The nominations will be officially introduced at the regular meeting of council Tuesday. Some, but not all, will be subject to council interviews and votes.

The list follows a February 20 call by Mayor Peduto for volunteers, who were asked to submit applications through the City’s website.

“I want to extend my thanks to everyone who reached out and pledged their time to volunteer. That includes those for whom we unfortunately could not find seats,” Mayor Peduto said.

The list of nominees, like those the Mayor forwarded for similar positions last year, reflect the diversity of Pittsburgh as a whole.

The list below also includes nominations the Mayor advanced today for appointments to external boards.

The nominations include:

Art Commission: Kathryn Heidemann, Andrew Doran Moss, Paradise Gray

Personnel Board of Appeals: Cathy Qureshi

Clean Pittsburgh Commission: Dana Adiepetro, Diane Swan, Aftyn Giles, Kyle Winkler

Cable Communications Advisory Commission: Todd Underwood

Commision on City Archives: Perry Blatz, Ruth Pompey, Katie O'Malley, Lourdes Sanchez-Ridge, Justin Salinetro, Todd Siegel, Sarah Quinn, Debra Lam, Sonya Toler

Commision on Human Relations: Gwendolyn Young, Winford Craig, Lee Fogarty

Equal Opportunity Review Commission: Karen Hall

Historic Review Commission: Matthew Falcone, Carol Peterson

Shade Tree Commission: Jamil Bey, Joshua Lippert

Allegheny League of Municipalities: Grant Ervin

Oakland Business Improvement District: Henry Pyatt

Steel Valley Authority:  Rob Witherell, Dr. Christina Gabriel

Steel Valley Enterprise Zone: Kyle Chintalapalli

Sustainability Commission: Matthew Barron, Andrew Dash, Timothy West, Calli Baker

Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board: LaTrenda Leonard

Next week, the Mayor plans to submit a list of reappointments to city seats on the following boards:

ALCOSAN: Greg Jones

Disability Task Force: Gabe McMorland

Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh: Peter Robert Kaplan, Enid Miller

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority: Councilwoman Deb Gross

Stadium Authority: Stan Lederman



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