Office of Mayor William Peduto
Welcoming Pittsburgh and Citiparks Launch Spark! Film Series
Program to highlight diverse cultural experiences in this summer's Cinema in the Park

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 8, 2015) – Mayor William Peduto’s Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative is partnering with Citiparks to present the Spark! Film Series at this summer’s Dollar Bank Cinema in the Park. Spark! includes a vibrant lineup of films that feature stories from diverse cultures. The series seeks to bring together Pittsburghers of all backgrounds and spark an engaging cultural dialogue.

“Building bridges of understanding between cultures is at the heart of Welcoming Pittsburgh,” says Mayor Peduto. “By creating opportunities to come together as neighbors and learn about one another, the Pittsburgh of my grandfather and the Pittsburgh of tomorrow will grow together.”

Spark! will showcase: Million Dollar Arm, The Refugees of Shangri-La, Cesar Chavez, Selma, McFarland USA, and Cantinflas. The first film in the Spark! series will debut on June 10. Dollar Bank Cinema in the Park runs June 7 through August 30 ​at seven park locations throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

“Our Citiparks team is committed to connecting with our residents in a way that resonates and brings our community together,” says Citiparks Director Jim Griffin. “Presenting the Spark! Film Series with Welcoming Pittsburgh reflects the growing landscape of our city,” Griffin noted.

The Spark! series captures stories rooted in the Mexican, Indian, black American, and Bhutanese experience, creating an opportunity for communities to learn from their unique, oftentimes challenging struggle to integrate. Others are filled with humor and personal triumph such as Cantinflas, recognized as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico.

Welcoming Pittsburgh is an immigrant integration strategy launched May 2014 to celebrate and elevate the economic benefit of our growing immigrant community and create a more immigrant-friendly experience: resulting in a more welcoming city for all.

​Cinema in the Park is presented by Dollar Bank and sponsored by NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. The Summer 2015 lineup includes nearly 100 opportunities to enjoy movies under the stars. 



SCHENLEY PARK, Flagstaff Hill

   Sundays and Wednesdays, June 7 – August 30, Dusk


HIGHLAND PARK, Reservoir Drive

   Mondays, June 22, July 20 and August 17, Dusk



   Tuesdays, June 9 – August 25, Dusk



   Oakridge Street, Brookline Thursdays, June 11 – August 27, Dusk


ARSENAL PARK, 39th and Butler streets, Lawrenceville

   Fridays, June 12 – August 28, Dusk


GRANDVIEW PARK, Bailey Avenue, Mt. Washington

   Saturdays, June 13 – August 29, Dusk


RIVERVIEW PARK, Observatory Hill

   Saturdays, June 13 – August 29, Dusk



For more information on Citiparks visit, follow @CitiparksEvents on Twitter or call 412-255-2493.

For more information on Welcoming Pittsburgh visit, follow @WelcomingPGH on Twitter or on Facebook, or call Betty Cruz at 412-255-2439.



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