Office of Mayor William Peduto
Statement on Inspection of East Allegheny Public Art Installation
Inspection spurred by 311 complaint; Departments of Planning and of Permits, Licenses and Inspections stand by to assist communities and artists

PITTSBURGH, PA (July 29, 2015) The City of Pittsburgh released the following statement in regard to a public art installation placed on Madison Avenue in the East Deutschtown/East Allegheny neighborhood:

On July 22, 2015, a complaint was lodged with the City’s 311 Response Center about an art installation at 826 Madison Avenue, and officials from the Department of Permits, Licences and Inspections were dispatched to the site. As City code requires that all permanent structures on properties be listed on occupancy permits, the property owners were issued a citation requiring them to update their permit within 30 days.

The City of Pittsburgh has a long and proven record of supporting public art but special treatment in the law cannot be granted to any individuals or groups.

“I have always been a strong believer in the power of art to transform and enliven neighborhoods, but the rules are the rules,” Mayor William Peduto said.

Officials from the Department of Planning have been in communication with the organizers of the East Deutschtown public art effort, and officials from PLI are committed to working with the organizers as well to address additional zoning or building code matters. City officials will review the possibility of adjusting code language in the future to allow artists and community groups more leeway in placing their artworks.

Information on the 311 complaint about the installation and the City’s response was repeatedly given to a local newspaper that wrote about the matter, but it was not published.



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