Office of Mayor William Peduto
Emergency Medical Services Chief Mark Bocian Retiring Next Month After 40 Years of Service
Deputy Chief Robert Farrow to be named Acting Chief

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 11, 2016) Emergency Medical Services Chief Mark A. Bocian has announced he will retire March 2, 2016, after more than 40 years of service to the city.

Bocian, 63, was hired in the fall of 1975; promoted to Paramedic Supervisor/District Chief in 1980; promoted to Deputy Chief in 2005; and made Acting Chief of the EMS bureau in 2012. Mayor William Peduto named him Chief in 2015.

Among many other roles Chief Bocian has served as a board member of the Allegheny County EMS Council, the Emergency Medical Services Institute, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Service Council.

“It has been an honor to serve as Chief of one the finest EMS Systems in the country if not the world. Pre-hospital EMS has its roots in Western Pennsylvania, and I was fortunate to be in on the ground floor with a system built by many destined to become one of the premier systems,” Chief Bocian said.

“As with most careers it is always the people that you meet and befriend that are important, and I have had the privilege to be surrounded by and work with some of the best. They will be missed.”

Mayor Peduto said, “For decades Chief Bocian has personified the professionalism and caring that are the longtime hallmarks of Pittsburgh’s EMS bureau. The city and its medics will miss him.”

The Mayor will name Deputy Chief Robert W. Farrow as Acting Chief upon Bocian’s March 2 retirement. Hired at age 19 he is one of three remaining EMS employees who started with Pittsburgh EMS upon its inception in June 1975.

Chief Farrow was promoted to Paramedic Field Supervisor in 1981; Rescue Division Supervisor in 1998; Division Chief in 2000; Acting Deputy Chief in 2012; and Deputy Chief in 2015.

In addition Chief Farrow has held the position of Hazardous Materials Team Chief for the City of Pittsburgh since January 1998. He has been appointed to the Allegheny County Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Region 13 WMD Working Group, and the Metropolitan Medical Response Systems program.

Chief Farrow is a graduate of Plum High School and currently resides in Stanton Heights where he has lived for the past 38 years.

The opening in the EMS chief position will be publicly posted in March.



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