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Governor, County Executive and Mayor Ask Public Utility Commission To Reconsider Uber Fine
Warn of detrimental effect on 21st Century businesses investing in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 3, 2016) Governor Tom Wolf, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Mayor William Peduto issued a letter today to members of the Public Utility Commission asking them to reconsider a $11.3 million fine against the ride-sharing firm Uber, which is investing millions in the Pittsburgh economy.

“We are writing today to address fairness in business regulation, and especially fairness toward one business -- Uber -- which is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is poised to invest millions more. However, all this could be lost if we send the message that Pennsylvania is not a welcoming place for 21st century businesses and other job-creators looking to make our state a home,” the three leaders wrote.

Uber chose Pittsburgh to be its hub for testing self-driven vehicles and its worldwide headquarters for advanced technology research.

The PUC granted Uber and fellow ride-sharing company Lyft two-year operating licences in January 2015 yet fined Uber an unprecedented $11.3 million fine last month, the largest fine in its 79-year history.

The Governor, County Executive and Mayor said Uber could be subject to fines, but called for fairness in their application, and for them to be in line with the PUC’s regulation of other businesses.

Without such fairness, the commission could put the state’s commitment to supporting emerging businesses in danger, the leaders wrote.

“While the people of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County welcomed Uber and Lyft to the region, the PUC’s action sends just the opposite message, going further than necessary to redress the violations the PUC is seeking to address. This overreach puts the company’s investments in the 21st century economy in real jeopardy.

We intend to continue working with Uber and any company seeking to grow the economy and make our communities more livable. We trust and hope that the PUC will reconsider its decision and settle this issue once and for all in a fair manner, one that truly keeps the best interest of the Commonwealth in mind,” they wrote.

A full copy of the letter issued to commissioners today is available here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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