Office of Mayor William Peduto
Peduto Administration Introduces Bill Requiring Fiscal Impact Studies of All City Legislation
Office of Management & Budget reforms would require studies of the long and short term budget impacts of bills

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 9, 2016) Mayor William Peduto’s Office of Management and Budget is introducing good government legislation tomorrow that will require all bills and executive orders introduced by Pittsburgh City Council or the Mayor’s Office to have fiscal impact studies attached that study their budgetary impacts.

The proposed changes by OMB would require all City ordinances, resolutions and executive orders to contain an analysis covering the following budget matters:

  1. Whether the initiative will have an associated one-time (current year) or recurring impact
  2. A five-year impact analysis, if the associated cost is recurring
  3. The identified funding source(s) so budget staff can verify funds will be available
  4. Staffing implications and costs
  5. Nonpersonnel operating costs
  6. Capital budget requirements
  7. The impact on City revenues

“This legislation will help cement our ongoing collaboration with City Council to institutionalize best practices in financial management,” said OMB Director Sam Ashbaugh. “This is a an Act 47 Plan initiative, which allows the City to sustain good government measures overseeing our budget, regardless of who is in office, and surviving long after the time the City ultimately leaves state oversight of our fiscal practices.”

The “Financial Management” section of the latest Act 47 Recovery Plan for Pittsburgh calls for further work on “transparent budget practices.” One such practice includes efforts such as fiscal impact studies: the City, says the Act 47 Plan, should be “Showing more detail in financial and budgetary documents where that information guides management decisions and enhances oversight of the City’s financial condition.”

OMB has been working cooperatively with the City Council Budget Office in advance of introducing the fiscal impact legislation Tuesday.


Monday, May 9, 2016
Katie O'Malley
Communications Coordinator
Cell: (412) 925-1990

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