Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto's Statement on Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Lawsuit Against Veolia

PITTSBURGH, PA (October 12, 2016) - Mayor William Peduto issued the following statement today in response to the lawsuit filed by Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) against Veolia Water North America-Northeast, LLC.   

A copy of the release from PWSA announcing the suit is here

“Veolia was obligated to carry out all its duties in the best interest of PWSA. Based on a comprehensive review of their performance, it is clear Veolia cared more about their bottom line than providing residents with the high quality water and customer service they deserve. We believe Veolia pushed through costly initiatives to improve their profits, while not making necessary investments in PWSA infrastructure, taking actions without proper notice to state regulators, and causing significant customer billing failures that are plaguing city residents.  

The PWSA Board authorized this legal action to hold Veolia accountable.  PWSA and the City are working together with our county, state and federal partners to solve water quality and stormwater issues in Pittsburgh.  We are not alone, as recent national reports estimate that over 5,300 water systems around the country are operating in violation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule."




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