Office of Mayor William Peduto
Mayor William Peduto's Administration Seeks to Hire PAEYC to Assist in City Childhood Plans
The Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children has long supported City efforts
PITTSBURGH, PA (May 17, 2017) Mayor William Peduto's Administration is proposing to contract with the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) to help the City implement universal Pre-Kindergarten and other programs to support Pittsburgh's children. 
Through the contract PAEYC would: 
  •  Assist in strategy development for targeted implementation of a universal Pre-Kindergarten program that maximizes public dollars. This includes providing backend support to the group via data and research. 
  •  Assist in strategy development for maximizing public funds to strengthen the ability of child care providers to offer wrap-around services that ensure continuity of high-quality care. 
  •  Facilitate and participate in city department-provider meetings with the goal of identifying City services that can support childcare providers’ ability to provide high-quality early childhood experiences. 
  • Optimize small business resources to support the business and management aspects of early childhood programs. 
  • Support the City’s communications strategy for elevating and engage families and the general public and early childhood initiatives. 
"Our administration believes in supporting our youngest residents with the support and experiences that they need to lead to healthy and successful lives," said the City's Early Childhood Manager Tiffini G. Simoneaux. "PAEYC works tirelessly in the community to support child care providers, young children and families. The proposed contract will assist the City in developing plans and initiatives to expand access to high quality early learning opportunities citywide." 
The $40,000 contract goes before Pittsburgh City Council today for a preliminary vote. 
PAEYC has worked with the City on many issues, including: 
  • Serving as a member of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Early Childhood Education 
  • Supporting the creation of the Office of Early Childhood within the Mayor’s Office 
  •  Attending meetings on an ongoing basis to speak on behalf of Early Childhood providers and best practice. 
  •  Working with the City on Month of the Young Child Activities 
  •  Partnering with City on Public Safety Child Care Provider Training Day 
  •  Joining City Team for the National League of Cities Early Learning Nation Cohort 
  •  Informing the City of the unique needs of child care center based as well as home based providers. 
  •  Providing key data on the landscape of early childhood in Pittsburgh on an ongoing basis. 


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