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Featuring the hard work and creative ideas of more than twelve hundred Pittsburgh residents acting on a volunteer basis, Mayor Peduto's Transition Teams were created to offer fresh and innovative recommendations to the Mayor on ways to create better government for the City of Pittsburgh.

Recommendations that cut across the eight teams for all sectors of society were:

  • Instigating a cultural change reflective of a Next Pittsburgh.
  • Instilling leadership and direction.
  • Increasing transparency and visibility.
  • Promoting community engagement and collaboration.
  • Better utilizing and expanding technology.
  • Realizing opportunity.
  • Restoring faith, upholding ethics, and good government.

A Note on Transition Team Recommendations

In line with the Peduto administration's commitment to transparency and accountability, the full list of recommendations the Transition Teams presented to the Mayor and the Chiefs have been posted on their respective pages. Despite the short timeframe, the Transition Teams produced over one hundred wide-ranging recommendations, ranging from strategies to create more bike and pedestrian friendly roads, to the establishment of a small business entrepreneurship officer within city government.

The Mayor, the Chiefs, and City Departments have been carefully reviewing all of the recommendations. They are committed to continuing to engage the community as they build the Next Pittsburgh.

A tremendous gratitiude is due to all those who participated in the Transition Teams and volunteered their time, energy, and expertise for the benefit of the City. The effort to create a world class city is rooted in the hard work of the Transition Teams and their recommendations.

Here are links to each Transition Team and their Recommendations

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